Michelle Gouveia R.M.T.

Back in 2002 Michelle Gouveia left the corporate world to pursue her passion and graduated from ITC Kakkawa College and became a Registered Massage Therapist within Ontario in 2004. She has been involved in athletics and fitness for most of her life. It was this experience that motivated her to study massage therapy. Michelle has worked in a verity of settings and has now joined the Mulit Care clinic back in March of 2010.

Michelle has been described as having very strong hands and a knack for finding all of the spots, even ones patients didn’t know they had. Her touch is gentle but firm and she seems to have a way of getting deep into soft tissues while taking care not to create any great discomfort.  Michelle Specializes in the relief of acute or chronic pain due to repetitive stress injuries, Postural/muscular imbalances, sports, Whiplash injuries, TMJ discomfort, Prenatal Massage, headaches and general tension.

Each treatment is followed with re-educating clients on correct posture, nutrition, stretching and strengthening muscles that may have been weakened or injured.  By following home care given to each client, you in turn will maximize your benefits from your treatment. 

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